Wednesday, February 15, 2012

ASAS - Assoc.of Shariah Advisor in Islamic Finance

Discourse with Dr.Aznan Hasan - President, ASAS
Venue: ISRA, Petaling Jaya

ASAS is the acronym for "The Association of Shariah Advisor in Islamic Finance".

Amongst matters discussed:-
* Development of the role of Shariah Advisor,
> from Advisor to Shariah Supervisory Board (SSB) to Shariah Advisory Council (SAC).
* Legislation
* Separation of Powers / Different Purviews of the BNM and Securities Commission SAC
* ASAS Objectives, Membership Criterias, Programmes and Way Forward

ASAS Office Bearers
PRESIDENT: Dr. Aznan Hasan
DEP. PRESIDENT: Dr. Ashraf Md. Hashim
SECRETARY: Dr. Rusni Hasan
DEP.SECRETARY: Dr. Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki
TREASURER: Dr. Akhtarzaite Abdul Aziz
EXCO Members:
Dr. Mohamad Akram Laldin
Dr. Abdul Rahman Awang
Ust. Suhaimi Yusuf

AHM Comments:
Amirul HM still remembers his first meeting with the Late Tan Sri Ahmad Ibrahim in 1995 which took place at IIUM, P.Jaya Main Campus then. The purpose of AHM visit was to ask for Tan Sri's recommendations as to suitable candidates to become Shariah Advisor(s) for a
financial institution intending to start the Islamic Banking Scheme then known as the Interest-Free Banking Unit(IBU) in which AHM was hired to set-up and

The end result, instead of 1...6 persons were hired I.e. 3 Shariah Scholars but with limited exposure to Banking operations and 3 Professors from the Kulliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences(KENMS),with limited working application of the usul al-fiqh. The whole intentions were for them to learn from each other strengths.

How things have changed.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WAQAF - Penjana Pembangunan Ummah

Seminar Wakaf: Penjana Pembangunan. Lokasi: Sasana Kijang, KL
Anjuran Bersama - IQRA' Foundation & INCEIF
Titah oleh Raja Muda Perak Raja Nazrin Shah.
Penceramah: Dr. Murat Cizakca (Contributions & Basic Operational Structure) & Tan Sri Muhammad Ali Hashim (Awqf Korporat)

Raja Nazrin Shah
( 5 Ogos, 1957 )
7 WASIAT Raja-Raja Melayu semasa menurunkan tandatangan persetujuan Pembentukan Perlembagaan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu:-

" Kami isytiharkan dan kami simpan untuk kamu Dan kami benarkan kamu isytihar Dan simpan untuk anak cucu kamu, selain Gunung-Ganang, Tasik dan Hutan SimpanTANAH SIMPANAN MELAYU sehingga nisbah 50 peratus, selebihnya kamu rebutlah bersama-sama kaum lain ".

Tan Sri Muhammad Ali Hashim
> " WESTOXIFICATION", " Arnab & Kura-Kura", " Pigs & Dragons mentality in Japanese & Chinese culture".

Dr. Murat Cizakca
The Turkish Model, the Giver CAN also become the trustee for the Waqaf created, the West had learnt from the early Islamic Civilisation and had "adjusted" the waqaf principle accordingly to set-up their own universities / learning institutions. Merton College in UK, is an example.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

SOUQ Muamalah Madinah - Inaugural

The 1st ever National SOUQ MUAMALAH MADINAH took place in front of Rumah Aman, Shah Alam yesterday I.e. Saturday, 4th February 2011 from 10am - 6pm.

Basic Terminologies in a Souq:
SOUQ. = Market or, Bazaar
MUHTAHSIB = Enforcer or, Regulator
QAFILAH = Traders
WAKALAH. = Agent / Representative

The organisers of the Souq intended to re-introduce the way how the Souq were organised during Prophet's Muhammad SAW time in Madinah.

The Souq had more than 30 Qafilah and the Qafilah were not only local Klang Valley traders but came from as far away as Teluk Intan, Raub and even Perlis amongst other places. Apart from Malaysians, the Souq had visitors from Singapore, Indonesia, Phillippines and even Spain.

One of the more interesting products available in the Souq were non-crystalised honey from Russia which is good for people suffering from heart complications or, diabetes. A student studying medicine in Russia brought the honey and it was sold out by noon. Hence, it is not surprising then that camera crews from 2 TV stations were there to record the event. One crew were from the ISLAMiC FiNANCE programme , a new Business TV channel which just went on air on 1st December 2011 called "THE CAPITAL" available at Channel 127, Hypp TV-UNIFI whilst the other were shooting for the lifestyle "NONA Programme" aired on TV3.

It is expected that the next Souq MM will take place in Bangi, Selangor either in March or April.