Thursday, May 10, 2012

SEMINAR DINAR EMAS: Pengukuhan Ekonomi Ummah

Dewan Tun Dr.Ismail, PWTC - Kuala Lumpur.

[ Afternoon Session: Forum/Q&A Panelists:-
(1)Prof.Dr.Khaliq Ahmad-IIUM
(3)Prof.Dr.Ahamed Kameel Meera-IIUM
(4) Syukor Hashim-Public Dinar ]

" Let It Be. Eventually, the Public will get the cheapest and easiest to trade with! "
(Prof.Dr.Hj.Zuhaimy - UTM Prof.) - in response to a question posed on the existence of many different Dinar and Dirham in the market with differing prices and spreads whereas the weight is the same.


Note: Syukran to MMP & KGT for the invitation to attend the Seminar.