Sunday, November 11, 2012

Takaful Basic Examinations (TBE), Taken & Passed

I'd recently(on Thursday to be more specific) sat for the Takaful Basic Examination (TBE) at the Open University of Malaysia(OUM), Petaling Jaya-Selangor branch as part of my undertaking for the newly-formed QIBLAH Consulting (an Islamic Finance Consulting, Advisory & Services outfit).

In my journey of preparing and sitting for TBE, I'd encountered many hassles or, inconveniences. Further down the road I hope to pen down my experiences and perhaps suggestions for improvements in an Open Letter or, Blog Post to BNM and IBFIM of the hassles encountered and shortcomings discovered.

For Now, suffice to say that having read about 20-25% of the suggested book I.e. "Amalan " one and a half day prior to the TBE.......I'd PASSED!
Which brings me to other questions...and they are:-
(1) TBC

(2) TBC

(3) TBC

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