Monday, March 14, 2011

Another Question on Islamic Banking at 45th AGM of Public Bank

Attended Public Bank Berhad's AGM (its 45th) for the second time in as many years at the Shangri-la Hotel, KL.
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Initially, attendees were briefed by Tan Sri Thong that the PBB Group were issued with a Joint Family Takaful licence by BNM with ownership in the ratio of 60% to the ING Group whilst PBB held the other 40%.

During Q&A Session, as per last year another question on Islamic banking were posed. Abdul Razak asked, " What is PBB Islamic banking Directions? Also for Takaful and Wealth Management? " ....... However, as per last year no specific answer were given.

Perhaps, PBB should get its act together and get one of the other Directors to respond. Twice in as many years, PBB FAILED to give a specific respond to the floor's question on Islamic Banking......rambling about and beating around the bush with no specifics does not do the PBB BOD justice especially when all other indicators are up.

Note: 1st time I went to an AGM where the attendees sang Happy Birthday and clapped in unison. At times, it reminds me of a Political Conference where the top echelons can do no wrong! Overall, Nice Door Gift and GOOD FOOD....perhaps this can be one of my wife's & I retirement plan i.e. buy syariah-compliant shares and attend AGMs where good food are served coupled with nice door gift!!!

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