Thursday, January 5, 2012

Interview with Dato' Mohd.Fadzli Yusof (for Ep.5, ISLAMiC FiNANCE@The Capital TV

In Episode 5, ISLAMiC FiNANCE @ The Capital TV interviewed Dato' Mohd. Fadzli Yusof (MFY).
View The Capital TV Youtube channel:- Episode 5 - ISLAMiC FiNANCE

Dato' Mohd. Fadzli is the Director & Principal Consultant of First International Consulting, Malaysia a company providing Islamic Finance Consulting & Advisory Services locally and internationally. He is also the Director for Arab-Malaysian Takaful ( a Jeddah-based Takaful operator) & Amana Takaful, Sri Lanka.
More importantly, MFY is the first ever CEO of a full-fledged (Life & General Islamic Insurance) Takaful company in the Modern World and in 2001 led Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Berhad to be listed on KLSE, the first ever Takaful company to be listed in the world. MFY has received many awards from the IF industry for being a pioneer since the late 70s/early80s in the Takaful industry. He is also the Author of 3 books, all on Takaful and is a Member of the Board of Trustees of The Sultan Mizan Royal Foundation.

MFY Comprehensive Biodata, refer:-

The episode dealt with the History/Development of the Takaful industry in the late 70s/early 80s at a time where Islamic Insurance were virtually non-existent and what led the Malaysian government to initiate the establishment of the first ever comprehensive Takaful company in the modern world and how it was done.

Subsequently, the concept of Takaful were explored where amongst others the concept/contracts of Tabarru', Mudharabah & Wakalah were discussed. The interview ends with a discourse on the issues and stumbling blocks affecting the Takaful industry and some criticism on the present scenario.

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