Friday, November 11, 2011

"RISK-SHARING" - 5th International Islamic Capital Market Forum

In November, the 5th International Islamic Capital Market Forum was held at Lanai Kijang, KL. The 5th IICM Forum is organised by the Securities Commission of Malaysia (SC).

What was interesting was the wordings in the Forum's flyers - "....., where much of its product structures essentially replicates that of conventional finance. These structures have been based on debt-based contracts and leverage; and are further exposed to the fractional reserve banking system. ........"

Read 2nd Page, 4th Para:-

What was interesting about the theme this time around was the fact that risk-sharing and risk-sharing contracts like Al-Mudhrabah or, Al-Musyarakah is given prominence as opposed to numerous times where debt or assets-based products like the Sukuk is normally in the limelight.

This blog would like to put on record our appreciation to the Islamic Capital Market(ICM) Unit of the Securities Commission of Malaysia for the kind invitation to attend and cover the event.

Syukran as well to Dr. Abbas Mirakhor, Prof.Aslam from IIUM and Bro.Omar Sheikh of RHT Partners, Dubai for kindly consenting to be interviewed.

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